Jazz für Events

Jazzable trio

Saxophon, vibraphone and upright bass – each instrument played by a graduated college musician – creating a warm, well-rounded Jazz style – this is how Jazzable appears on your stage.

The music of this trio mirrors the inter-personal harmony of the musicians themselves, their virtuosity and their contagously electrifying delight in performing … for you!

Oliver Saar

Alto- and baritonesax



His professional career includes a recording with SEEED and appearances with Barbara Schöneberger, Pigor & Eichhorn (“Volumen 7”) and the job of a musical director at the „Witzigmann Palazzo“ in Cologne.

Oliver founded Jazzable in 1995 after relocating from Bamberg to Berlin.

Roland Neffe

Vibraphone vibraphone



Roland has received numerous awards such as the “Berklee Talent Scholarship Fund“ and the “Würdigungspreis“ of the Austrian Federal Ministry. He also played in different bands at Jazzfestivals such as the World Drum Festival in Seoul, Jazz Across The Border (Berlin), Jazz East-West (Nuremberg), the Jazzfestival in Izmir and many more.

David Hagen

Upright bass Upright



Accomplished his diploma as a jazz musician at the Mainz university. A versatile bass player who participates in different corners of jazz and world music. His stage appearances lead him to Japan, Russia, Marokko and most european countries.